Landing on your radars today is the collaborative ‘UNIVERSAL WUB’ from LSDREAM and Shlump. Made up four suitably immersive cuts, this release is a collision musical styles from two highly respected artists.

LSDREAM & Shlump  – Universal Wub EP

Starting strongly with the title track, an almost floating introduction paves the way for its darkly descending bassline – packed with growling intensity and slow-burning vocals. ‘ORGANISM’ swiftly follows, a mesh twisting bass surges and murmured vox loops.

‘R.A.V.E’ ups the tempo as the penultimate addition. Primed for the dance floor, you can expect big drum booms, meandering riffs, and wonky drop sequences. Sarah Hudson features on the final tune ‘STARCHILD,’ which is a straight-up assault on the senses with rhythmically dense layers and pumped up top-line.

Listen below