After her breakthrough debut single on Liquid Stranger’s widely-celebrated label WAKAAN, Orlando’s own Lucii delivers an acoustic rendering “Neptune.” Her intergalactic charisma and alien-like stage presence are both far-out and easily embraced. With a slew impressive, fiery tracks already under her belt, Lucii challenges the status quo with this no-frills adaptation “Neptune.” 

“This track means so much to me. At the time I wrote the original, I was feeling very alone and was in a dark place. The track came out and exceeded my expectations, in fact, it’s actually my most well-known track! Even though I live in the electronic world, I appreciate many different kinds music. I’ve started many my tracks sitting in my bedroom strumming an acoustic guitar and singing. I’ve been writing that way since I was 12, but have always been shy and never wanted to let anyone hear that raw side my music.” Lucii

As each line is more a psalm than a lyric, listeners should expect to feel a gravitational pull that leads them to song’s core mantra. A placid reimagining a psych-bass gem, Lucii showcases her artistic versatility with grace and fearlessness. Further solidifying herself and WAKAAN as accomplished and courageous, this savory version “Neptune” is Lucii at her most raw. 

If you take away anything from reading this or the track I hope it’s this – You can do anything. We all have fears, we aren’t perfect, we are flawed and that’s ok. It’s what you do with those feelings and how you cope. This is my way and why I’m positive not everyone will like it, I’m also very excited to share with those who do” – Lucii