“Can’t Fool Me” presents an Electronic House ballad empowerment over adversity and toxic relationships. Opening with an intoxicating, altered percussive segment, filled with an abundance subtle sounds that all inhabit the unique world he creates, “Can’t Fool Me” is a mesmeric track, with a vocal performance ready for an entire packed house to sing along to. Each segment the track carries it’s own individuality, while simultaneously sharing some iconic key House elements. The chorus, the verses and the instrumental break downs before and after each chorus are all separate continents and their subsequent cultures, occupying the same world. The eye-catching cover art, which compliments the other-worldly synth developments, in addition to being an impressive visual experience further acts as a materialization these artistic ideas. Like all Luxley’s music, “Can’t Fool Me” is crafted to create an immersive experience and one that fosters a potent sense introspection. Side note: one the creepiest shots I've seen in a while, but I guess it is Spooky Season!