‘Deeply personal’ is a phrase ten used to describe an artist’s release. In the respect ‘Ave Maria’ though it takes on a greater meaning. Following the loss his mother in the early spring, Markus Schulz instinctively opted to celebrate her life in the most natural manner imaginable – through music.

While it's been sung by everyone from Bocelli to Beyonce, to the best the internet’s knowledge ‘Ave Maria'’s never previously been placed in the electronic music frame. To carry f the vocal & lyrical complexities the traditional prayer, Markus knew it would require an exceptional singer… Luckily one came to light. Displaying a hitherto hidden classical ability, HAILIENE rose to the occasion and delivered an extraordinary rendition.

Pulsing with emotion throughout, Markus has mustered every bit as spirited backing for it, which mixes minor-key pathos with major uplift. After its premiere airing at Ultra Miami, Markus & Armin talked together about ‘Ave Maria’ and having handpicked it for his ‘A State Of Trance Ibiza 2019’ , he ultimately signed it to Armind.

The celebration a life and musical catharsis as one, Markus & HAILIENE’s epically soul-touching version ‘Ave Maria’ is out now.

Markus Schulz – “Ave Maria” Featuring HAILENE