With his second helming an ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ complete and on full release, the next few weeks will see Markus Schulz place the spotlight on the music he purposely built for the album. Over successive Fridays the club-expanded versions ‘Sunrise Over The Bay’, ‘Bells Of Planaxis’ and the Talla teaming ‘Mainhattan’ will dawn.

Kicking f the release string is ‘Sunrise Over The Bay’ – the body water in question being one as close to home as it gets for Markus. Whilst not on tour, Miami’s beatific Biscayne Bay is a sight seen every morning. In the moment during the summer, he musically translated it into a spiritually exhilaratingly, thrillsomely paced number.

Up next is ‘Bells Of Planaxis’. The track’s inspirational roots lie in Markus’ Tomorrowland 2018 set, which he latterly interpreted with ISOS 15’s overture centrally in mind. Thoughtful, brooding, scene setting and never less than atmospheric, this track is definitely one not to miss.

Tying up this triple-decker is ‘Mainhattan’ – the result a first-time studio meet between Markus and fellow countryman, Talla 2XLC. Finding them both close to top their energy spectrums, the track fields a full court press electro edge, squelch and distortion, all powered by its technotically unstoppable production, but you need to stay tuned for this one!