A former lobbyist gone creative, Morgin Madison ushered his first pieces electronic music into the world in the fall 2017. Showcasing a unique brand atmospheric dance music, his style ranges from chilled house beats to vast, hard-hitting set pieces. Now, ‘Spite’ is Morgin Madison’s first single on Soave Radio, a label known for its deep and lounge releases.

The American producer creates a warm atmosphere with very pure sounding vocals in the song, which progresses but at the same time keeps its mellow vibe. The track embodies the feeling letting negative emotions or tendencies get the best you, framing this within the aesthetic a lush, melodic house tune with warm chords and a hypnotic bassline, all tapering f until the track concludes in a nice resolving bow at the end.

Dubbed the ‘Dusk ’, as opposed to the later this month to be released ‘Dawn Edit’, this version Spite surrounds the listener with late-night sounds, perfectly suited for a blank mind after a busy day.

Morgin Madison – Spite (Dusk Edit)