Ahnwar Yancey Speaks On “Everything U Need” In A New Music Video

Renowned artist Ahnwar Yancey is once again on top of his game with a recent music video for “Everything U Need”, a single he had dropped previously as part of his sophomore album My Therapy. As a talented artist who praises God through his music, Ahnwar really goes above and beyond what’s expected in this beautiful piece, demonstrating minimalistic soundscapes that support his vocal performance. Filled with sincerity, genuine love and faith, “Everything U Need” focuses on priorities, showing us that God is above all else and that in any situation, faith is what will get us through. The music video was directed by Denascia Salley and Dovon Walker, and does a great job of depicting the everyday struggle to keep the balance.

“I love music. It’s really that simple,” Ahnwar confessed in a recent interview. “It’s that thing I do that never feels like work. I’m up all night producing, writing, mixing, singing, something! And it never gets old or played out…I couldn’t envision doing anything else. Music is a gift given to me by the Lord and I want to use it to inspire, teach and bring Him glory.” Read the full interview with the artist here.

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