“California Forever” Artist Kai Phi Shares Deep Insights On The Future Of EDM

Kai Phi, the fast-emerging EDM artist who recently dropped “California Forever,” reveals his thoughts about the future of the genre. The musician gives a thorough analysis and speaks with numbers and figures to support his viewpoints. 

“Since EDM is closely associated with creating and innovating audio gear, improving audio engineering techniques, and tech, the growth trajectory will remain constant. Regarding popularity by sales volume, it makes up 3-5% of music sales currently. So, the growth potential for the genre still has explosive potential if the approach to the genre’s growth is executed correctly and collectively by artists and executives,” explains Kai Phi.

Continuing, he says: “But the roots and soul of the genre will always be the live show experience, but its exception vs other genres is the opportunity for the genre to become more and completely synonymous with other emerging technologies like AR, VR, holography, and multidimensional imaging technologies. As much as the purest hate it, constant collaboration and commercialization are essential to the growth and maturity of every genre.”

“The foundations of every genre will always remain intact for artists and fans looking to explore them more deeply in its rawest form. I believe we are currently early in a genre deconstruction phase, where artists are setting the context for a revival and joint construction phase, coinciding with underground, lo-fi/ hip hop, and Illbients independent construction revival,” adds the DJ and producer.

Kai Phi admits: “I think no other single genre by design integrates with the natural intention of modern digital enhancement like electronic music does with other genres. With AI and other technologies increasing in capability the future transformation of the landscape of popular music is bright, and electronic music in all of its forms will be the engine driving us there. A lot can happen in a decade, but know that one thing will be certain, there will be a lot of partying and a lot of dancing.”

Inspired by Flying Lotus, Burial, Balam Acab, Dirty Art Club, Roc Marciano, Slum Village, Free the Robots, Deerhoof, Lorn, Onra, Flume, and Radiohead, Kai Phi continues to impress with his exceptional talent. Following “California Forever,” the up-and-comer plans to drop three more singles: “Le Midi,” “Dream Drum,” and “In Dig A New.” Fans can eagerly anticipate the innovative sound and boundary-pushing style that the artist is known for. 

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