Today, multi-genre artist and global dance sensation, John Summit, and eight-time GRAMMY Award-nominated musician Kaskade debut their brand new collaboration “Resonate” out now via Darkroom/Experts Only. Experts Only is a house, tech-house, and techno music label & events brand founded by Summit.

“Resonate,” takes listeners on an electro-musical rollercoaster kicking off with hazy vocals from electro-soul songstress Julia Church set to a hallucinogenic musical backdrop. The track builds momentum before ultimately changing the tempo for an emphatic beat drop. With Summit and Kaskade’s enhanced musical production abilities and creativity on full display, “Resonate,” is a standout track illustrating how good it can feel to be on the same page with the person you love. Both hailing from the same hometown of Chicago, the new release serves as a full circle moment for Summit who has continually noted Kaskade as a source of inspiration throughout his career.


On “Resonate,” Summit shares, Being born and raised in Chicago myself, Kaskade was a huge inspiration & a dream collaboration of mine. Along with Julia Church’s epic vocals, we were able to merge our styles by combining emotional melodies and heavy techno production to create this dancefloor anthem.”

Additionally, Kaskade says,It is exciting to see talent coming out of my hometown, Chicago. I’ve been keeping an eye on John Summit since he kicked the door down to be in this world and I couldn’t be any happier for his success. I knew we would collaborate from day one, and “Resonate” is our first offering. It’s been an easy fit working and playing live with him, and I’m stoked to see what comes next.”