Kelly Monrow Shares Deepest Emotions In “Wake Up”

Kelly Monrow has firmly established herself as not only a talented actress but an incredible singer-songwriter who always presents her real, authentic self to the audience. The powerful artist rose to prominence with several singles including “Mama Said” and “Jagged Heart” which have now found a home in her debut album Scars of Venus. A personal masterpiece, this collection features the very best of Kelly Monrow, her highs and lows, and everything in between. 

With a lead single called “The Woman”, Monrow showed fans how united and awesome women can and should be, and naturally, the music video for this track gathered over 500K viewers from across the globe. Captivating audiences with her classic charm and strength, as the “king upon her throne”, Monrow exudes confidence and vulnerability at the same time. 

Heer most recent creation is “Wake Up” music video, which starts with Monrow apologizing on the phone, and a semi-guilty/semi-angry monologue follows as the performer asks herself “How many times? Why can’t I wake up?”. Check out the music video below, and share to show the artist your support!