Maddy Allen Follows-Through With Emotional Single “Flowers”

American singer-songwriter Maddy Allen, who recently unveiled her debut album she had been working on for years, to the public, is now back with another magical track titled “Flowers”. The vocals Maddy Allen perform on “Flowers” sound fresh and innovative, and yet have a melancholic vibe, often present on most of her releases. The young up-and-coming singer-songwriter has created a niche for herself, blending indie-pop with pop and soft rock, and frankly, the final outcome is stunning. 

The beauty of her melodies pair exquisitely with her flawless vocals, a tool she has learned to use over the years, to deliver every emotion with a sharp precision and near-perfect timing. 

Maddy Allen has gone through a lot in her life, and although her art incorporates all of her tough life experiences, she somehow still succeeds at bringing love and hope to the ears of her fast growing fan base.