Rising EDM Artists Eflorem Are On It Once Again With Their Latest Release “Get It”

Every time Eflorem release a single, they make sure to showcase a new element of their endless arsenal and their latest single is “Get It,” a hyper fun composition that features CJ Silva and his amazing voice. All three artists are featured in the highly entertaining music video that involves CJ taking a substance and viewing his surroundings in an entirely different perspective than before. 

The Eflorem sound, Hyper House signature style, is a combination of speed house, dubstep, trap, and hyperpop. According to the pair, they love the high speed four on the floor that speed house is known for, but have always liked dubstep sound design. The duo further explain, “We like to tell stories through our music, which we feel is something getting lost in today’s music in general. We aren’t afraid to get wild and crazy with our music!”

After dropping their remix of JackEl’s “We Belong” track, Eflorem take a whole different stylistic approach with “Get It” as the duo focus more on pop elements, extensive vocals and catchy choruses. Nevertheless, the California-based artists bring their A-game by producing creative synths and breakdowns that will make their loyal listeners want to play it on repeat.  

Their newest single “Get It” is an impressive outing from an already impressive portfolio and that’s why Eflorem is one of the hottest prospects in EDM. Make sure to follow their path to the top as Eflorem is set to be a household name for years to come. 

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