Ultra Naté – Welcome to The ULTRAVERSE !

Revered as one of dance music’s original Grand Dames, Ultra has also carved out a fierce reputation for herself in the DJ booth. Now equally in demand for her heady blend of electro beats, soulful vocals and gospel tinged house as she is for her powerhouse vocal, it’s no surprise that her 2024 ULTRAVERSE tour takes in as many DJ shows as it does live performances.

I named this tour “The UltraVerse“ because my performing life is so diverse and multilayered,” Ultra explains. “At any given moment, I am navigating a myriad of variables from one show to the next.

It is a lot of maneuvering and heavy lifting, but it’s also exciting and tremendously rewarding to have such a significant lineup of dates and appearances everywhere! The continuing story for me, is – to celebrate my ability to still be present, dynamic, growing in my art and touching lives. 

“As long as I have been a part of dance culture universally, I still feel in many ways I am an emerging artist, because there are new people learning about my music every day. There are new partnerships and collaborations to dive into.” 

Stepping from stage to booth or vice versa, is all part of my creative expression. At this point I navigate both disciplines pretty seamlessly and feel really blessed to be able to thrive in a space where my sole purpose is to create.”

Coming off a huge run of success in 2023 that saw her host the #1 Paris Hilton-exec produced podcast The History of the World’s Greatest Nightclubs and dominate international radio airwaves with UNBREAKABLE, Ultra has shown absolutely no let up as 2024 continues to unfold, if anything simply upping the ante. The KIMMIC rework of Ultra’s cult classic ‘Party Girl’ dropped on Armada Music and went to #1 in Music Week, bringing it to the attention of a new generation of fans, while indie-pop darling Bright Light Bright Light enlisted Ultra’s help on latest single ‘Every Emotion’ lifted from his #1 album, Enjoy Youth. Ultra’s latest single from her ULTRA project, the Russell Small and DNO P collaboration ‘HAPPY FEELING’, premiered to worldwide radio on BBC Radio 2 with long-time Ultra superfan Rylan, with remixes from Cevin Fisher and Les Bisous already charting heavily on influential dance sites Beatport and Traxsource.
For fans the chance to see Ultra Naté live in action is always one not to be missed. Now whether you catch her on stage raising the roof with her trademark vocals, on air monthly for RADIO FG or in the DJ booth setting the dance floor on fire, thanks to the ULTRAVERSE, 2024 just got much more Ultra.