Richard Pryor Jr. accused comedian Paul Mooney of molesting him when he was younger, and the comedian denied the claims.

Richard Pryor’s ex-bodyguard Rashon Kahn, claims Mooney sexually abused the then-teenager in the 1970s without directly naming the comic. He also claimed the late comedian put a $1 million hit on Mooney’s head after learning about the allegations.

TMZ caught up with Pryor Jr. and he didn’t touch on the hit, but he did say whatever happened to him happened when he was younger before the ’80s. He also didn’t mention Mooney by name.

Paul Mooney’s representative also denied the claims and noted that Mooney and Pryor were hanging out well into the late 90s. Making the timeline of events sketchy considering that if he did in fact put out a hit on Mooney for molesting his son, they probably won’t be buddy buddy 20 years later.