Protohype has shocked the dance music community with this marvelous comeback single “Run Cried the Crawling.” Featuring intoxicating vocals from Charmae, the two musicians lay their talents on a melodic ball fire. Launching his newly announced Underdog Records, the producer delivers a nostalgic presence to this record that screams 2010 Zed’s Dead. Follow as we continue to spectate the curating and tastemaking abilities Protohype as he embarks on one his most ambitious endeavors in recent times.

Protohype – Run Cried the Crawling (ft. Charmae)

“Run Cried The Crawling is my first release on my record label, Underdog Records. This track screams 2012 dubstep vibes, and is a big nod to all the music that shaped me into the artist I am today!” – Protohype

Stream below.