One Holland’s most acclaimed and respected dance artists, Quintino delivers his most anticipated piece work ‘Bright Nights’. This is not only his debut album, but also a representation his creativity, musical evolution and ability to rock dancefloors with a versatile collection sounds. Accompanied by exciting new single ‘Superstars’, the full album is ficially out now on Spinnin’ Records.

As the album title already suggests, ‘Bright Nights’ underlines how DJ’s literally light up the night with their shows, brightening up people’s lives with the music. Performing on a global scale for years now, Quintino aims to do just that; to pull his audience out its everyday life with uplifting dance anthems, positive and energetic, while performing the music with a similar, upbeat show.

Counting 15 tracks, ‘Bright Nights’ can surely be considered an ambitious project. It presents tracks that already turned into hit singles this year, including headstrong festival favorites like ‘Can’t Bring Me Down’, the Alok collab ‘Party Never Ends’, ‘TUTUTU’ and the Hardwell collab ‘Reckless’, along with brand new Quintino gems that have not been ficially released yet. Check out the full album below!