Al Sharpton has the right idea. Rev. Sharpton was a guest during Harlem Week and spoke on the rift that has rippled across social media and has split audiences on who is right between JAY-Z and Colin Kaepernick. He shared the issue isn’t about who is right or wrong and the people are getting away from the real meanings.

“This ain’t about Colin Kaepernick’s knee,” Sharpton said at the National Action Network’s event. “It’s about choking Eric Garner to death, it’s about the shooting of Tamir Rice, it’s about Michael Brown.

“They asked [me] ‘What do you think about Jay Z? They’re calling him a sellout and all that.’ I said, ‘The issue is Jay Z has done documentaries around and about [Kalief] Browder and other things. I’m not attacking Jay Z and I won’t participate until Kaepernick has a job. The issue is Eric Garner. This issue is Tamir Rice. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture.”

You can see his message below.