Hailing from Long Beach, Zach Alwin is the contemplative mastermind behind Roet. An emerging talent with an impressive skill set, Roet is set to deliver his debut in September. Often found ghost writing, producing, and collaborating with celebrated musicians across the nation, Roet’s personal project is a place revolution and solace.

Roet – “Here For You”

The second single from EP 1, “Here For You” is a dazzling joint with a pround message. As half the track’s royalties are being donated toThe Suicide Prevention Lifeline, it comes as no surprise that the lyrical content is a sincere reminder that life is worth living. Saturated with colorful sounds and tangible chord progressions, “Here For You” is a teeming triumph rich with intellect. An artist concerned with matters the spirit, Roet is solidifying himself as an indie-electronic composer and philosopher. EP 1 is due September 3.