Israeli producer Shlomi Aber has made his debut on Ltd with an articulate four-track EP on the label’s vinyl-only fshoot.

While Shlomi Aber is not yet be a household name, his production work spans the last 15 years, with releases on labels like Cocoon, Ovum, R&S, Nonplus +, Figure, and Renaissance. As the Be As One label boss, launched in 2006, Aber has continually positioned his status as a purveyor sharp, rousing techno. He’s seen out releases from , the ever-rising , and many more.

His latest contribution to the Drumcode Ltd sets outs with knifelike sting and cements Aber’s refreshing stylistic stronghold on the pounding DC sound the Drumcode’s early years.

On “Inflict,”Aber ominously warns the heavy-hitting intentions the EP. The aptly-named track employs a tense atmosphere in which Aber snakes, grim steely percussion beneath. Immediately following is the title track “Accelerator” which is a feverously, cavernous beast, reportedly built using a 909 and XOXBOX Acid machine. On “Typeface” Aber strips back from the intensity “Accelerator,” where he slows the functional energy the track tremendously. Although, “Typeface” too, proves to be an extended build towards a tantalizing techno journey. Finally, the four-piece work is rounded out by the seven-minute “Rain Storm,” in which Aber lowers the intensity his work, only to build into a galvanizing cut that will surely see out that he has a big year on the circuit.



Shlomi Aber makes Drumcode Ltd debut with sharp new EP