Raised in one of the most culturally diverse cities, Cuban-Puerto Rican artist NFA is no stranger to fusing together his own fresh take on music, The Miami-Dade, FL native just exploded on the scene with his single ‘Que Bola‘ which introduced the confident yet humble musician. Scatting across a spicy latin beat, NFA bounces between Spanish and English so effortlessly making the song an instant hit for music lovers. Back to show he’s just getting started, his new single ‘Babaloo‘ quickly gained spins on radio stations worldwide. Arguably one up the catchiest songs of the summer, NFA doesn’t plan on slowing down Describing his own style as Latino Urbano meets Hip Hop, one things for sure he has a knack for writing songs that satisfy every audience.

The Source sat down with the rising star to discuss his flaming new single ‘Babaloo‘, his inspirations and misconceptions about his hometown Miami, Florida.

1.Tell us what it was like growing up in Miami and who were some of your musical influences.

The cultural and ethnic diversity that Miami offers, definitely made it interesting. It was rough most of the time, but where else can you get jerk chicken, conch fritters, and pastelitos de guayaba all within a few miles? Musically, growing up in a latin household, The Fania All Stars were always in heavy rotation. As a Miami native, Trick Daddy and JT Money were the first ones to catch my young ears, but you know we love us some 2Pac down in Dade county!

2. Your songs all have a catchy vibe to them, and we love your new single ‘Babaloo’. Who produced it and how did the song come about?

Thank you so much, I appreciate that. The record was produced by PLYBCK, a super talented group of producers and good friends of mine from Miami. The song was actually created in Los Angeles when PLYBCK came to visit me. We wanted to bring that authentic Miami flavor to LA so we booked a session, stopped by the cookie store, caught a vibe, and the rest is history!