CRÈME hails from Jersey City and is the project name Trixie Reiss. She writes, produces and performs entirely on her own, a solo act. She is always interested in groundbreaking sounds, Reiss has been a part several impactful subcultures.

“Set Me Free” is the latest release from CRÈME, the genre defying project. This song is a switch up from her previous chill-tempo release. The 50-second mark brings forth a contagious hook, translating into a whirring sense excitement driven by spirited vocal layers and ecstatic synths.

From her multi platinum and #1 Billboard Dance hit she shares with the legendary electronic act The Crystal Method to her anthemic song “Shadow Games” from the Yu-Gi-Oh movie to her Billboard Dance charting singles and collaborations with Karsh Kale and The Burner Bros and syncs for various box fice hit movies, national TV commercials and TV shows to her current reinvention as CRÈME, Reiss shows no sign slowing down as she continues pushing the bar.

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