CamelPhat double down on Fideles’ ‘Night After Night’

CamelPhat‘s remix of Fideles‘ “Night After Night” featuring Be No Rain has hit streaming platforms in the form of a two-track EP. The offering arrives on Dancing Astronaut‘s 2022 Label of the Year: Afterlife. To boot, the CamelPhat remix is paired up with “Overcome,” a solo single from Fideles. To top it all off, Be No Rain—the singer behind “Night After Night”—was able to confirm that both the original and a piano version will arrive in the coming months. While the remix has garnered plenty of attention due to its lively synths and powerful kicks, the sobering vocals from Be No Rain play an earnest hand in the track’s popularity.

Making waves on social media after becoming a highlight at Tale Of Us‘ show at Zamna Tulum, CamelPhat’s remix of “Night After Night” was the lone song to feature hundreds of drones in the sky. Modeled in the form of Afterlife’s signature upside down human, the red drones added a magical and dreamy flair to one of the most electric shows in dance music. Truly an emotionally stirring song, CamelPhat’s latest show of strength has proven an angelic dancefloor anthem. With no date set for the original, the remix is available to stream below.

Featured image: CamelPhat/Instagram