Charlotte de Witte’s ‘High Street’ kicks off first piece of ‘Overdrive’ campaign

Charlotte de Witte has converted her Ultra ID into her next high-energy single. When listeners checked their release radars in the early hours of April 21, they unexpectedly came across “High Street,” which arrives as just the first part to her forthcoming Overdrive campaign via her very own KNTXT imprint. Self-described by de Witte as a “blurring tune that unconsciously pulls you into the late night,” “High Street” was built for the late-night setting and makes a case for the queen of techno’s most unique original to her credit thus far.

“High Street” comes as an enthralling, heavy techno cut that’s ideally captured in a gloomy, intimate night club. Never afraid to push boundaries within the scope of dance music, Charlotte de Witte seamlessly merges hard-techno with hip hop-influenced vocals derived, breathing fresh life into the bassline where the lyrics only add to the elements of her next club weapon. And with “High Street” being just the introduction to her next project, the Belgian still leaves plenty of ambiguity for what’s to come in the near future. After seeing worldwide success from her 2022 solo EP Apollo, Charlotte’s next extended outing already has an abundance of anticipation. For now, stream “High Street” below.

Featured image: Rukes