Dino Shadix unleashes her ‘Time Vortex’ EP via GRL GANG

One of Dancing Astronaut‘s Artists to Watch in 2023 Dino Shadix has been making waves with her hard-hitting and deliriously heavy tracks. And the Estonian based producer latest via GRL GANG is no exception. Comprised of four tracks, “Dino Danger,” What It Feels Like” with MADGRRL, “Racing Chronosaur” and “Stuck In Time (Jumpin,’)” Time Vortex expertly drafts influences from multiple genres with her signature uproarious and relentless dubstep sound standing tall throughout each track.

With “What It Feels Like” with MADGRRL—released a week earlier—previously teasing the EP and giving the overall ambiance of the EP with its hard dance style, the EP itself delivers an overall high energy and a new spin on what can only be characterized as dubstep. Providing a comprehensive “rave” experience rather sticking to strictly heavy dubstep, Dino Shadix has provided a fresh face and a new light to the music characterized as dubstep, and continues to cement her place as one of the industry’s most innovative and envelope pushing producers. Speaking on the Time Vortex EP, Dino Shadix said,

“This EP is about time traveling with dinosaurs. I wanted to blend together variety of electronic genres, mainly focusing on different styles of hard dance.”

The Time Vortex EP is Dino Shadix’s largest release on GRL GANG and is a first for the label, with the EP being the first full EP released by GRL GANG. GRL GANG continues to highlight women and non-binary artists in dance music with each new release, and as the label continues to grow and prosper, its vision cannot be denied.