Immersive new nightclub experience, House of Leaves set for Las Vegas debut

House of Leaves is an immersive new nightclub experience landing in Las Vegas, aiming to bring the ambiance and atmosphere of the outdoors to the confines of an indoor club setting. House of Leaves is set to debut on November 13 at the awe-inspiring Keep Memory Alive Center designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry. The vision for House of Leaves relies on a narrative unfolding of the seasons within the nightclub environment, soundtracked by performances from over 20 international electronic talents.

Avid dance fans may recognize the venue as having once hosted a live performance by the late Avicii, and newcomers will discover that the unique room boasts concert-grade acoustics, accented by nearly 200 windows scaling the curved, bent walls of the auditorium. The room itself feels like it is a part of the performance, making it the perfect location for House of Leaves. Bringing jungle revelry indoors to Las Vegas, House of Leaves aims to reimagine the nightclub experience as 2021 draws to a close. Purchase tickets here.

Featured image: FHH Journal