Kanye West delineates presidential platform in new interview

On July 4, Kanye West broke the internet with the surprise announcement that he would joining the 2020 presidential election. For those who have been following Ye for quite some time now, the news wasn’t exactly a surprise. The Yeezy head has teased and repeatedly returned to the idea since 2015, when he initially referenced his presidential aspirations at the MTVVideo Music Awards. Nevertheless, many did not anticipate West to follow through with a formal announcement of candidacy.

Although federal records indicated that West had not yet registered his candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission as of July 8, the rapper nevertheless delineated his presidential platform in a recent interview, during which he said he would run as an independent with “biblical life coach” running mate, Michelle Tidball. West noted that he would run as a Republican if the election did not involve President Donald Trump, and offered his perspective on both Trump and Biden’s recent activity.

West went on to speak out against both Planned Parenthood and vaccines, stating that the former was,

“placed inside cities by white supremacists to do the Devil’s work.”

Ye additionally called vaccines “the mark of the beast,” and discussed his vision of what he called “the plan” moving forward:

“Let’s get past all the racism conversation, let’s empower people with 40 acres and a mule, let’s give some land.”

H/T: Forbes

Featured image: Karwai Tang/Getty Images