Kölsch recruits ARTBAT for remix of ‘All That Matters’

In addition to running the Upperground record label, ARTBAT have found a plethora of success with their powerful remixes. Following a remix of Monolink‘s “Return to Oz,” “Age of Love”, and plenty more, ARTBAT’s attention has turned to “All that Matters,” a Kölsch single from 2013. While the original is a heartwarming, slowed-down house song, ARTBAT use a faster tempo and progressive synths to turn it into a jumpy club anthem. Leaning more towards progressive house rather than their synth stopping melodic techno, ARTBAT’s latest remix shows the true depth and production skills of the Ukranian duo.

ARTBAT described the record as something “that comes from our soul and heart. A feeling deep inside, that sets free emotions and gives you a completely new experience of joy.” Truly an updated version of the original, the duo has taken the vocal stems and submitted one of their most touching songs to date. With early support from CamelPhat, Agents of Time, and Kölsch, it is easy to see why ARTBAT’s latest remix has been played on the biggest stages across the world. After first being debuted by ARTBAT at their 2023 Tomorrowland Main stage performance, their progressive remix has recently been used by multiple artists at Coachella‘s Yuma tent. Stream ARTBAT’s “All that Matters” remix below.

Featured image: ARTBAT/Instagram