Matt Sassari turns EDC Orlando ID into Off The Grid debut, ‘Back To This’

There were more than a few choice IDs introduced when John Summit brought all of EDC Orlando to the neonGARDEN stage this past November. And the 90-minute set’s second ID also now doubles as the second ID off the board, following BLR and Robbie Rise’s “Lipstick” in December. The track in question belonged to Matt Sassari and it could’ve only come on Off The Grid, with Sassari making a grand label debut with “Back To This.”

Expectedly tagging along with Summit in just about every set that followed EDC Orlando, “Back To This” now lands as Sassari’s third release cycle throughout 2023’s first four months, trailing his “El Sueno” edit and “Sleepwalking” alongside Goodboys. And the Marseille native partnered up with SoShy to back his Off The Grid welcoming party, with Sassari dialing up a thundering, bass-riddled club offering that needs no further explaining as to why it was amongst the most-requested IDs from Summit’s sets the past five months. Stream “Back To This’ below.

Featured image: Matt Sassari/Instagram