Mixcloud launches DJ-friendly livestream platform

As social distancing continues, and DJ livestreams become increasingly popular, Mixcloud has expedited the release of their livestreaming platform Mixcloud Live. Offering both a streamkey and stream URL, the platform is compatible with all basic streaming software options many Twitch users are already accustomed to. Because the new platform is still in beta, Mixcloud emphasized that users may encounter a few bugs or glitches.

Mixcloud Live addresses the problem many DJs have been facing during recent livestreams: copyright issues. Services such as SoundCloud and Twitch are notorious for either removing uploaded tracks or muting audio while copyrighted music plays, making streaming a DJ set extremely frustrating. Because Mixcloud is a licensed platform that pays licensing fees, musicians should not face this kind of issue on Mixcloud Live. Mixcloud Live is available to Mixcloud Pro users, which can be purchased here.