Skeler, Deadcrow deliver rewind to ‘Halloween X’ for release of ‘ADRENALIN’ on Sable Valley

At long last, Skeler and Deadcrow‘s names have been removed from the “Halloween X” ID list as “ADRENALIN” gets the official release it deserves on RL Grime‘s Sable Valley. Originally debuted in 2020 as part of Deadcrow’s set for the Alter/Ego livestream before popping up in “Halloween X” a year later, the two-headed release perfectly blends the producer pair’s unique styles, doing justice to the merger of traditional trap and new-school wave styles.

Skeler has been a driving force at the forefront of developing the wave scene and his production prowess is on full display when combined with that of Deadcrow. “ADRENALIN” marks the Perth-based producer’s Sable Valley while Deadcrow has become a regular on the trap god’s record label with prior releases like “Scythe” and his Fallout EP. Rewind to October 2021 and stream Skeler and Deadcrow’s “ADRENALIN” below.

Featured image: Liam Oz