Spanish authorities will allow Ibiza clubs to reopen in phase three of economic reopening plan

The President of the Balearic Islands region of Spain, Francina Armengol, recently announced that nightclubs on the Island of Ibiza (which lies under her jurisdiction) would remain closed until phase three of Spain’s nationwide reopening strategy.

Currently Spain is in phase two of reopening, and has been since May 25. Phase three will be set to begin on June 8. According to federal strictures, this would technically allow nightclubs to reopen under certain conditions. Such conditions include converting dance floors into space for tables, requiring masks, and ensuring that the venues remain at no more than one third of their normal capacity.

However, the final decision for each province regarding reopening was left to that province’s local government which prompted Armengol to wait longer to reopen Ibiza clubs such as Privilege, Pacha, DC-10 and other world-renowned spaces.

Key factors in Armengol’s decision were swift outbreaks in other countries linked to nightlife like that of Seoul, South Korea, where a single individual reportedly caused 102 new infections after bouncing between five different clubs in one night. Currently, Spain has the sixth highest COVID-19 death toll with 27,136 fatal cases out of it’s estimated population of 45 million.

Featured image: Rukes