The BreakBomb Project drop second album ‘Pretaped’

The BreakBomb Project (TBBP) is an experimental EDM outfit founded by Brandon Greenstein in July 2018, a project focused just as much on the production as it is on the sonic story-telling.

Part of the first installment in a series of narrative-driven albums, “My Mind” introduces the future of The BreakBomb Project as part of his second album ‘PRETAPED.’

The record was entirely produced, written, and conceptualized by the solo producer, who collaborated other vocalists for diverse mix of tracks. The output signifies Greenstein’s artistic evolution, revealing his true form that now leans more towards narrative-rich, soundly diverse compositions. This album is an enchanting assembly of cutting-edge, forward-thinking concepts and melodious vocals, submerging listeners into a blissful auditory universe. It’s a testament to the solo producer’s creative virtuosity, working in unison with Maxine and other vocalists to compose, pen, and craft all the album’s music. The outcome is a vibrant range of tracks, displaying The BreakBomb Project’s commitment to exploring new sounds.