Zerb’s ‘Mwaki’ featuring Sofiya Nzau is an undeniable ear worm

“Mwaki,” a trailblazing collaboration between Brazilian music producer Zerb and Kenyan sensation Sofiya Nzau, is the latest ear worm to circumnavigate the globe to the top of the charts. A track that truly embodies the essence of global music fusion pairs Sofiya Nzau, who comes from the central region of Kenya, representing the Kikuyu ethnicity, with Zerb, the South American phenom known for his masterful EDM productions. Together, Sofiya’s melodic voice and his skillfully crafted beats transcend borders, genres and cultures.

“Mwaki,” which literally translates to “Fire” in Kikuyu is just that. An impossibly infectious dance track that has exploded in popularity since its release in early November. The song has achieved remarkable success, becoming the first Kenyan song to surpass 8 million streams on Spotify and achieving viral status on TikTok. But its not just a trend that drove its success, its the unique way that Sofiya’s vocals and Zerb’s production have come together to create something that’s never been heard before. The fusion of Sofiya’s powerful yet soft vocals and Zerb’s Brazilian influences inform a sound that breaks new ground and explores the endless possibilities of music’s exciting global connections.