Well, folks, it's almost the end 2019, the end a decade, and it's time for us all to reflect back on the year that was. I don't like to look in the past, but for music, I feel you hear SOOO much new music that it's easy to forget a track or completely miss one altogether. So since I've been going back on my Spotify history, I wanted to compile what I think was the best trance music  2019.

There were a ton great releases this year in the trance scene and all its glorious sub-genres. Whether it was vocal trance, uplifting trance, progressive trance, tech-trance, big room trance, or just old school trance there was an abundance beautiful trance this year. Below I broke down and linked to what I think we're some the “best 's” in the trance genre for the year. From best track to best , I picked my favorites in a bunch categories. Below I proudly present to you…The Best Trance Music Of 2019.

Table Contents

The Best Of Trance 2019

Top 5 Trance Artists Of 2019

1. Giuseppe Ottani

2. Key4050

3. Factor B.

4. Cold Blue

5. Andrew Bayer

Top 5 Trance Singles Of 2019

1. Factor B. – Crashing Over

2. Giuseppe Ottani – Panama

3. Cold Blue – Colors

4. The Noble Six – Ocean Planet

5. Andrew Bayer – Magitek

Top 5 Trance Remixes Of 2019

1. JES – Imagination (Will Atkinson Remix)

2. Ben Gold & Sivan – Stay (Sneijder Remix)

3. Orkidea – Forward Forever (Indecent Noise Remix)

4. Cosmic Gate – FAV (Patrick White Remix)

5. Markus Schulz, Sebu – Upon My Shoulders (Nifra Remix)

Top 5 Trance Albums Of 2019

1. Giuseppe Ottani – Evolver

2. Key4050 – Tales From The Temple

3. Cold Blue – Winter

4. Andrew Bayer – In My Next Life

5. Solarstone – One