German producer TRAILS has paved a solid foundation for himself in the world indie-electronic music. Breaking into the music scene through the soundcloud community with ficial and non-ficial remixes circa 2015, the breakthrough artist has since honed in on a sound distinctly his own. Best known for his ability to blend a myriad genres to create a single sound, his latest single “Hold My Soul” is a silky-smooth melting pot alt-rock and electro-pop. A co-write with fellow producer Ben Esser and vocalist Esser. It’s catchy hooks and infectious rhythms boast an undeniable charm that is set to capture the attention music fans and critics alike. Standing as the final track the year for the guitar playing wizard “ Hold My Soul” is a 2020 blend genres from the past and those the future. 

“Hold My Soul is the last song 2019's series original songs that were created 2 or 3 years ago, before I started to work on my studio. It was hard to connect to these songs and finish them, but I really wanted to put them out in the world, so I took the year to finish as many as possible and put them out right away. This one was created together with producer Ben Esser and vocalist Esser (same full name!) in the Red Bull Studios in 2017 and probably my favorite one 2019 releases.”