Dutch DJ/productional prodigy Trobi returns with his much anticipated new single ‘Looking For Somebody’. Giving a classic TLC song an exciting tweak, it's resulted in a catchy tune that sees Trobi bring a fresh new sound to his already impressive resume. Surely a record that breathes both timeless and innovative sounds.

The record is an impressive blend sultry R&B rhythms, infectious chorus lines and flamed vocals, taken from a timeless R&B sample (originally recorded as ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC in 1999).  As always, Trobi knows how to give this a twist its own, taking the melody to a fresh, contemporary, instant classic gem.

‘Looking For Somebody’ is a crowdpleaser for sure, the chorus drops us into a sunny, tropical rhythm with pitch-shifting, working its refined beat and electric stabs, while bringing memorable vocals, turning the tune into a hot-blooded pop gem. With a sample TLC’s smash hit ‘No Scrubs’ and Trobi’s catchy and signature hooks, as well as the innovative vocals Gia Koka, this single is bound to make waves, both at clubs, festival stages, and radio.

“ ‘Looking For Somebody’ started as an idea I made with the acapella TLC’s ‘No Scrubs'. After I had the idea I sent it to the fantastic Gia Koka and she told me she liked the track and that we should use the hook ‘No Scrubs'. After all this, I tried to give the right energy to the track and try to put some positive energy into it.” – Trobi

Trobi – Looking For Somebody