“Maybe I have made mistakes and been through my fair share of pain/
But all in all, it’s been okay, I’ve lived well”

Jhené Aiko has thrown me in so many directions this year as far as content, videos, and personality.  However, she’s still the same Jhené as always.  Remaining chill and relaxed in this very emotional video, the concept will throw you off at first until you really understand.  I was expecting something totally different, but this makes even more sense.

When situations get really bad, just think about all of the good things, appreciate the good times and the good people around you.  That’s basically what “Eternal Sunshine” relates to.  If you follow her, you’d probably know a little about things she’s been through in the past couple of years, like her brother, Miyagi, passing away from cancer back in 2012.  She also went through a car accident with her daughter in the car in 2013, luckily, they both walked away alive and well.

Deeper into the video, you see childhood memories, times with her brother and she also incorporates her car accident with her daughter in the car as well.  I appreciate the video and message as well as her outlook on life and the struggles we go through as human beings.  Remaining calm can be hard to do when life becomes overwhelming, which is why it’s important for us to enjoy our time together with our loved ones and focus on the good things in life.

Peep the video below

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