Miami based rappers, The XIVTH, release what will for sure be a controversial video to the single “Good God”, prod. by Roca Beats, on their latest self titled EP, THE XIVTH. The exaggerated interpretation of their views on religion and life will definitely turn heads.  The XIVTH use an actual church as the setting, displaying blasphemous signs of rebellion and a unique take on their perception of the modern day church, politics, and the current events surrounding religion.

This LCP FILMS production, directed by FRANTIK THE GOD, takes a straight forward approach at this sure to be talked about video, giving the viewer a blatant display of what some would call borderline occult worship. The song itself also gives you a taste of their lyrical abilities and artistic capacity with its melodic rhythms, synthesized sounds and harmonious yet hard hitting flow. Heavy bass patterns and charismatic delivery also compliment the musical integrity of what “Good God” brings to it’s listeners.

Check out the video above, and give us your thoughts.