T.I.’s Trap Music Museum Opens Miami Location

T.I.’s Trap Music Museum (TMM) is taking its talents to Miami.

After 2 years of operating and taking the museum on wheels across the country, it has now installed a 6-month activation called, “Lil Trap House” in the Overtown neighborhood of Miami, FL. Spearheaded by BAM! Creative CEO, William “Bam” Sparks, and Senior VP, Krystal Garner, “Lil Trap House” features exhibits that showcase Miami’s eccentric trap culture. From native trailblazers such as Rick Ross and City Girls, Miami’s latest addition is a must-see over the next six months. In addition, TMM has partnered with Marcus Samuelson’s Red Rooster to further the mission of uplifting the community and businesses of Miami, Overtown.

TMM signifies the cultural and sonic lifestyle that made many of our favorite rappers who they are today. It first opened in Atlanta back in 2018 in conjunction with the release of Tip’s tenth studio album, Dime Trap.

During its infancy stages, Sparks not only noticed the growing popularity of Escape Rooms, but its lack of Black cultural representation.

“People who I grew up with and hang out with…they didn’t understand the murder mystery theme,” said Sparks. “So I said why don’t we create a Trap themed museum?”

While Spark’s initial pitch was not fully comprehended, he remained persistent in his effort of execution until the museum’s completion. Now The Trap Music Museum is one of the nation’s most sought out sights when visiting Atlanta.

Miami’s Trap House pop-up is open on Friday (4pm-12am), Saturday (4pm-12am) and Sunday (2pm-10pm). Visit to purchase tickets and find out more information by following Lil Trap House on the ‘gram.