SK-47 Releases UK Drill Banger, ‘It Was Me’

The music industry is constantly changing, new sounds and genres shift in and out of popularity each year. One of the fastest-growing genres in today’s music is UK drill. At the center of this movement is Lewisham-native SK-47. Showing out for Southeast London, SK-47 is dedicated to his craft. His lyrics overflow with invigorating ideology and storytelling, painting a picture in every song.

Debuting his project with “Verbal” in June of 2021, SK-47 has already gained over 2.9 million streams on Spotify alone. Additionally, he has been featured on popular radio shows, such as Kiss FM and Capital Xtra. Coming into 2023 on fire, SK-47 has dropped his riveting six-track EP, “SK 24/7”. While all of the tracks are outstanding, “It Was Me” is definitely a standout.

Sharing the story behind the single, SK-47 says, “I made the song ‘It Was Me’ nearly two years ago and it was inspired by Central Cee’s release ‘Pinging’, in fact, I originally wrote it to the same beat. When Central says ‘selling them party drugs I’m the one that got the party pinging’, I knew it was mostly lies or massively exaggerated (cap) so I had to make this song to give the music fans the truth from the streets. Hence why I say, ‘It was me, not Cee, got the party pinging.’”

Throughout “It Was Me”, SK’s seamless flow is completed by a classic hard-hitting drill beat. Comparable to the iconic Stormzy, SK delivers the perfect balance of grime, rap, and drill that hypnotizes his audience. “It Was Me” and the rest of “SK 24/7” are just the beginning for SK as he climbs to the top of the charts.