Amirali Unveils New Single, “Whispers of Deceit”

“Whispers of Deceit” is the new single by Amirali who showcases the darker side of his sound with an indie dance/nu disco track with a fist-pumping groove.

The track’s hands in the air energy is provided by the jackin’ electro lead synth and bassline, which combine to create a thickset sound that’s augmented with resonating modulation. There are classic undertones of Detroit style electro by the likes of Model 500, but with modern production that gives it a contemporary sound.

It’s the spoken word vocal that makes this track truly stand out, where its thought-provoking lyrics talk of a bleak future. On a whole, it’s a unique single that combines elements from multiple different genres into a unique melting pot of styles. This release comes via Amirali’s Dark Matters record label, but his music can also be found on other outlets ranging from Crosstown Rebels to BPitch.

Led by the gritty vocal that talks of a decaying world, the backing track has dramatic melody stabs that add tension to the groove. Guitar chords and atmospheric textures keep the track interesting, as the looped bassline and melody keep the listener on tenterhooks. The ominous breakdown sections are filled with suspense, as the track unfolds with growing intensity.

Some of the DJs already supporting this release include Joyce Muniz, Paco Osuna and Laurent Garnier.

Purchase a copy HERE.