Adam Beyer Goes Beyond Techno With Inspired New EP ‘Ghost Kiss’

The boss has been enjoying the most prolific production period of his career in recent times, while reinforcing his sonic range in the process.

Recent highlights have included his standout ‘Let’s Begin’ EP which mined classic Drumcode influences, while his remix of Sharam’s PATT (Party All The Time) with Green Velvet and Layton Giordani showed a different side to his repertoire, and delivered his first overall Beatport no.1 along the way.

His latest three-track offering ‘Ghost Kiss’, continues the creative purple patch. The title track sounds like a techno outtake from ‘Requiem for a Dream’s’ soundtrack, deliciously unsettling and striking. This was made for big moments, propelled by a commanding vox that urges us to move our bodies. ‘Pilot’ shows Beyer’s musical breadth and commanding sound design, taking in elements of synth wave and indie pop all within a driving techno context. A captivating listen. The finale ‘Jack’, continues the inspired sonic referencing; a narrative-led dancefloor jaunt that takes in subtle elements of house and electro, with Beyer’s unique twist.

“This is maybe my favourite solo EP in the last couple of years. I’ve been hammering all three tracks at various points in my sets over the last six months and they all feel like A-side material to me. My main goal doing those tracks was to make something that doesn’t sound like everything else out there at the moment. Drawing inspiration and sounds from other genres that might not be the current typical techno sound. Every song represents a strong emotion for me.” – Adam Beyer
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1. Adam Beyer – Ghost Kiss
2. Adam Beyer – Pilot
3. Adam Beyer – Jack