Armin van Buuren And Chef’Special Release Inspiring Debut Collaboration: ‘Larger Than Life’

Armin van Buuren and five-piece indie pop band Chef’Special, two of the Netherlands’ most prominent acts, just released their highly anticipated debut collaboration.

Doubling as the official anthem for the Dutch men’s national football team, ‘Larger Than Life’ invokes the feeling of being able to take on the world, hoping to kick off a journey that leads to greatness.

“We wrote ‘Larger Than Life’ from the desire to spark a fire,” Chef’Special explain. “It’s about the journey that hopefully leads to greatness, meaning something that’s bigger than ourselves. That process and that type of belief in one another can lift you up and make you feel larger than life. When we combine our strengths and connect as human beings, there’s nothing we’re incapable of.”

Underlining its intent to inspire, ‘Larger Than Life’ is also the first record since 1988 to feature the musical contributions of the players of the Dutch men’s national football team. Parts of the track were recorded during a writing camp held at the same time as the team’s training camp, allowing for the players, captained by Virgil van Dijk, to add to the track with claps and backing vocals. Elevated further by the uplifting vocals of Chef’Special and Armin van Buuren’s electronic propulsion, ‘Larger Than Life’ readily proves the ultimate anthem for the national football team in pursuit of triumph.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chef’Special and the Dutch men’s national football team for ‘Larger Than Life’,” Armin van Buuren adds. “Our track embodies the faith required to make dreams come true and I hope its euphoric and positive tone will inspire everyone listening to the track. Let’s achieve greatness!”

“Back in 1988, I was an international player myself and among the many who featured on André Hazes’ classic song,” Ronald Koeman, the head coach of the Netherlands’ men’s team, adds. “Not only was it fun to do, but it also instilled a strong sense of togetherness. I heard from the players that they too enjoyed contributing to the song. I feel it’s a great track and I hope it helps to get the entire country behind the team this summer. With the support of our fans and the entire country, I believe in a successful European Championship.”