Azealia Banks Goes Off On Fan Accusing Her Of Bleaching And Questioning Beyoncé’s Blackness

Azealia Banks recently responded to a fan for accusing her of bleaching her skin after she praised Beyoncé’s controversial new look. Beyonce gave people something to talk about when she appeared at her London screening of ‘Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé’. Beyonce stunned in her long platinum hair and had social media fans questioning if she lightened her skin. Azealia came to Beyonce’s defense as she read a fan for filth about Beyonce’s skin color.

The fan wrote:

Alright AB, relax. These last few pics you gave us got us looking at you sideways too. You not as Brown as we were introduced. You look like you hittin’ the cake soap too.


To which Azealia responded: 

She is black, she has white ancestry. She does not hate herself, but anyone who has the time to delve into PLAYED OUT skin bleaching politics in 2023 SURELY has at least 20 other pro-black things they could be doing with the time spent trying to figure out if it’s gluta or kojic. LMAO She been light skinteded and we live for this look. This is the one and only BlANCA BARDOT. don’t question ha! Tuh! BLACK WOMEN DO NOT OWE YOU ANY EXPLANATIONS FOR ANYTHING GO ASK YOUR MOTHER.

And yes growing up in the hood, eating Chinese or chicken spot/ food stamps/freezer foods, no knowledge of skincare outside of a washcloth and dove soap. Knowing nothing about an spf/ microdermabrasion scrub/dry body brush… I never heard of putting a butter on my skin until I was 22! I had no clue butter even existed for skin, it was Nivea lotion and baby oil ONLY. So yes with fame came the financial opportunity to explore grooming products outside of the 99cent store and the pharmacy, it gave me the financial freedom to shop in places where they served fresh salads and green juice. This is actually my natural skin color, I am no longer OVERPRODUCING melanin because my body is battling environmental stress/ cellular oxidation due to malnutrition and food apartheid. Do you know what melanin is? What its evolutionary biological purpose is? Can you explain the melanin synthesis pathway to me? The different types of melanin? What is the main enzyme involved in melanin synthesis, and by which biochemical process does that enzyme undergo to create melanin? I’II wait…..


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