Recording Academy bans chart numbers and sales from Grammy consideration ads

The Recording Academy has updated its rules and guidelines, including a new ban in the “For Your Consideration” advertisements created by record labels for the Grammy voters. Chart numbers and sales figures will no longer be allowed to be included in the “For Your Consideration” ads, as the Recording Academy aims to focus on the artistic merit of a work, rather than its success within general audiences.

The new rule regarding the ban of record sales and chart placements was not included in last year’s guidebook, and many previous “For Your Consideration” ads included the numbers as a means to prove the success of a recording.

The 63-page document regarding the updated rules and guidelines for the upcoming 64th annual Grammy Awards was shared to the Grammys’ website. The Recording Academy’s new President and CEO, Harvey Mason Jr., was announced in May. The month of May also saw the Recording Academy vote to disband nomination review committees.


Featured image: Billboard