GORDO Joins Seeds of Learning To Fund His Third Central American School

Stemming from the mind of Diamante Anthony Blackmon, GORDO has taken over the house and techno scenes in recent years. Also renowned for his dubstep alias Carnage, GORDO grew up in Guatemala where his love for music was sparked. Since then, he has toured across the world, hitting iconic venues in Tulum, Ibiza, Miami, and other EDM hotspots.

Continuing to wholeheartedly embrace his roots, GORDO has joined forces with Seeds of Learning to fund his third Central American school. The education center is located in Nuevo Eden, Guatemala, and has been given the name EDIFICIO TARAKA. This marks the third one that GORDO has helped build after starting his charitable campaign in 2014.

Speaking on the inspiration behind EDIFICIO TARAKA, GORDO says, “my childhood in Guatemala shaped who I am today and I am honored to give back to the generation of tomorrow in my home country. I dedicate this school to my aunt, my uncle, and my late cousin Catherine who I grew up with in Guatemala.” With future philanthropy endeavors to come, GORDO has become a major role model in the electronic music space.