Niki Sadeki Releases The Stirring, Atmospheric ‘Blue Dream’ EP

Following on from November’s excellent Secret Serenade, Niki Sadeki returns with the incredible ‘Blue Dream’ EP, released 15th March on Manual Music.

The Vancouver born producer loves to draw inspiration from the people she meets, the places she experiences and her own personal reflections as she journeys around the globe, uniting dancefloors with her unique soundscapes from Berlin to current home Brooklyn and Miami to Mexico City.

‘Blue Dream’ EP is a heartfelt personal journey through the ups and downs of being a musician. In this EP, with the tracks Blue Dream and A Sunday in August, you’ll dive into the real emotions of an artist. It’s about the hard times, the unseen efforts, and the personal moments of reflection. ‘Blue Dream’ EP is like a deep, honest conversation through music, showing you the tough yet beautiful path of an artist creating their art.

Blue Dream, the title track, is a beautifully produced, clean yet complex soundscape. As you close your eyes, deconstructed minor chords create a tense, frozen blue open space in your mind. Glitch percussion suggests the grind of mechanic repetition. As layers of pure emotion wash over each other, the music surrounds you as it builds, sadness replaced by frustration, replaced by pale green shoots breaking through the permafrost.

Niki Sadeki explains: ‘Blue Dream’ is all about the real grind and emotion of being an artist. It’s raw and honest, a track where every note tells a story of struggle, pain, and hope. This song is like an emotional release where you can feel the anger, the sadness, and yet, a glimmer of hope. It’s not just music; it’s a slice of life, a moment to let it all out and heal.

A Sunday in August starts with a broken trippy beat washed with growing layers dreamy blissed out of synths. Imagine lying with your back to the warm grass and watching the sky change colour from blue to pink to red, as synth cicadas join the early evening ambience.

Niki Sadeki give us us the background: This is your chill-out track, born from a laid-back day in Berlin. After a crazy week of gigs across Europe, this track captures the peace of just watching the world go by at Tempelhofer Feld and soaking in a beautiful sunset. It’s about finding those moments of calm and inspiration in the middle of a hectic life. This track is like a deep breath, a reminder to enjoy the simple things and find creativity in the quiet moments.

With ‘Blue Dream’ EP, Niki Sadeki proves yet again to be a master artist, capturing moments in her sketch book and recreating them perfectly back in the studio – Snapshots in time, the colours, sounds and feelings delicately replicated for you, the listener to experience.