Gjoka Drejaj Breaks New Ground with His Emotionally Charged Tech Hous EP ‘Where Did Ya Go’

Emerging from the vibrant tapestry of New York’s underground electronic scene, Gjoka Drejaj has carved a niche for himself with a sound that defies conventional boundaries. Since his debut in DJing back in 2009, this Bronx native has been an instrumental figure, blending genres and crafting immersive sonic experiences. His transition into production in 2020 was met with anticipation and has since solidified his position as a forward-thinking artist in the electronic music sphere.

Drejaj’s debut EP, “Where Did Ya Go,” is a culmination of years of exploration and refinement. After investing in new studio gear, Drejaj embarked on a creative journey, channeling his emotions into his music. The result is a collection that showcases his affinity for lush vocals and atmospheric soundscapes, marking a significant milestone in his artistic journey.

The accolades and achievements Drejaj has amassed speak volumes of his impact. From being a decade-long resident at Dancefestopia to performing at Pacha NYC and Elements Music Festival, his influence stretches far and wide. Notably, his collaborations with artists like Smith and Sorren have earned spots on prestigious charts and playlists, including Beatport’s Tech House Top 100 and Apple Music’s New In Dance. With tracks like “Believe in the Music” garnering critical acclaim, Drejaj’s “Where Did Ya Go” EP acts as a beacon of his evolving artistry and a signpost for his future endeavors.