Jonny Stanback Delves into Long-Distance Love with New Acoustic Single ‘Intertwined’

Jonny Stanback, originally the powerful voice of “THE JACKS”, has stepped into the spotlight with his solo debut. Launching from Los Angeles, he introduced his 2023 album, BRONCO, an artistic fusion of folk, indie rock, and Americana elements.

His latest track, “Intertwined”, offers a heartfelt look at long-distance love. Drawing from his own life, Stanback explores the emotional bonds that thrive even when lovers are miles apart. The track’s acoustic pop style echoes the warmth and complexity of maintaining relationships across distances.

2024 brings an even bolder venture for Stanback with his “Hail Mary Hundred” challenge—a pledge to release 100 songs within the year. This audacious goal underscores his relentless drive and passion for music. His newest album, BRONCO II, expands on themes of hope, love, freedom, and the thrills of the unknown.

Stanback’s journey from band frontman to solo artist showcases a musician who continually evolves while staying true to his roots. With each new release, he invites his audience into a deeper exploration of human emotions and the stories we share through music. Whether addressing the challenges of separation or celebrating the thrill of reconnection, his songs resonate with authenticity and emotional depth.