K Soul & Go$ha Team Up On Epic Drum and Bass Vibe In ‘Endless’ Music Video

Welcome to the electrifying world of ‘K Soul’, a London-based artist transforming the scene with her unique blend of Neo-Soul, R&B, AfroBeats, and Amapiano. Dubbing herself a “World Dance Music Artist,” K Soul invites us all to experience her dance music universe.

Joining her on this musical journey is the prodigious Go$ha, a talented producer from Northampton, UK. At just 19 years old, Go$ha combines K Soul’s soulful melodies with the energetic bass of Drum and Bass to craft tracks that are bound to get your heart racing and your feet moving. Keep an eye out for more thrilling collaborations between K Soul and Gosha, as they’re just getting started!

Now, let’s dive into ‘Endless,’ K Soul’s debut venture into Drum and Bass. Originally an R&B track from her first EP, ‘Petals Of Me’, released in December 2018, ‘Endless’ has evolved. After Go$ha stumbled upon the track online, he reimagined it into a Drum and Bass remix that captures the essence of never-ending love—traveling through light and darkness, riding the airwaves and algorithms.

K Soul, a multi-genre talent, draws inspiration from icons like Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse, and infuses her music with the diverse cultural influences of her Ghanaian and Jamaican heritage. This blend creates a musical experience that transcends traditional boundaries, emphasizing expression, understanding, and clarity. Whether it’s through her lyrics in pigeon or patois slang or her afro/reggae-inspired rhythms, K Soul is defining a new genre on her own terms.

As K Soul continues to grow, she’s determined to leave a unique mark on the music world, embracing her identity as a standout artist in the vibrant pool of Black talent. Get ready to dance and feel the soul with K Soul!

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